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You’re a creator.

You’ve got the audience. Your content? It’s killer. But...

Turning your likes and follows into real, significant income? Not so much.

And even if you’re making bank, it’s likely that you’re trading too much time for money.

And let’s be honest, it’s capping your potential.

So, why are so many creators struggling to scale?

Sound about right?
It's tough..

Watching your bank balance crawl while knowing deep down, you have so much untapped potential.

You started your creator journey for freedom. To work on your passions on your own terms.

Not to be stuck in a new kind of 9-5 grind that YOU created.

But here you are, trying to make it work. With hopes and dreams to make millions.

That frustration you’re feeling—it’s because you’re close to a breakthrough.

But you need the right keys to unlock it.

seven figure creators

Membership benefit pillars

Membership benefit pillars

Just like the name suggests, Seven Figure Creators is a program designed to take creators like you to seven figures.

The Seven Figure System

The tools, templates, learnings & strategy necessary to rapidly grow your creator business to be the business you dream of and deserve.

Structured Weekly Coaching Sessions

Led by experts and people who’ve built seven-figure businesses, you’ll get what you need to succeed with a fleet of people backing you.

The Ultimate Creator Community

We only accept creators into the program who will add value to others. Learn from wins and mistakes of other creators to speed up your growth.

In-Person Events (Did someone say Bali?)

Celebrate big wins by inducting seven-figure earners into the 'two comma club' and learn from legendary speakers and community insights.

Plus you’ll continue to enjoy new perks as we add member benefits over time.

Who this IS for. And who it's NOT for.

No. This program is not for everyone. And we’ve designed it that way on purpose. To join we’re going to interview you like it's a job interview. If you’re accepted, we promise it will be the last interview you ever need to attend.

Seven Figure Creators is currently focusing on creators who use LinkedIn as their main platform. If that's you, you're a good fit.

Generally, creators who have at least 10k followers and use LinkedIn as their main platform are a good fit.

Yes, you should be earning six figures annually, with at least $10,000 in revenue each month. Many creators hit a revenue plateau between $10,000 and $45,000 per month. We help creators who are making a comfortable living but are eager to double or triple their income, time, and freedom.

We're looking for a diverse group of outstanding creators who can add value to others in our community.

To keep Seven Figure Creators intimate we're limiting each cohort to 8 creators, with 12 new groups per year.

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